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Personal Account Representative: When you call, we answer, in person. YOU are the most important person in our daily business and we provide the best customer service in the industry. We like to know our customers on a first name basis and we want you to know us.

Free Credit Checks: Why take a load from a customer with questionable or risky credit? AFS will provide you insight as to pay history, average days to pay and if there are any "red flags" regarding your customer. You can't afford to take a load, deliver, and not get paid for it. We are here to help you and our credit information is FREE!!

Free Collection Services: AFS will save you money with our collection services. We follow-up with your customers to ensure they do pay as fast as possible so we can put more of your money to work for you. OUR SYSTEM WORKS! We average approximately 30 days on ALL collections! The goal of working together is to get as much money into your hands as fast as possible so you can continue to grow your business.

24/7 Online Access: Check your balance, check credit on brokers and take comfort that you have access to your information whenever you want it with our secure system - any time, any place.

Fuel Discounts/Fuel Cards: AFS partners with EFS to provide top of the line fuel card services with fuel discounts and cost/plus pricing at numerous truck stops across the country.

Invoice Delivery Options: The quicker we receive your invoices the faster you get paid! E-mail, Fax, Discounted UPS, or USPS - whatever suits your operation the best, just let us know. AFS has partnered with UPS and our discounted overnight delivery rates are one of the best in the business. We will send you preprinted labels that save you time and money.

Transportation Industry Experience: AFS and its related companies have operated in the trucking industry for 30+ years providing a variety of services. When you speak to our staff, they will understand your cash flow and factoring needs because they understand trucking.



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AFS is a proud member of the South Dakota Trucking Association and The International Factoring Association

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