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"I have been in the hardwood business all my life. When our industry crashed 5 years ago I needed to make a change. I chose the only thing I knew, trucking, with my available cash depleted and banks unable to lend money. I learned about factoring. I called Assist Financial Services and learned about their program. I decided to give them a try. I found their people and services honest, helpful, and professional. Whether it's factoring, fuel or oversize permits AFS is great. They have truly made the difference between being in business or not." - Bill

"Our Company has been in a long term business relationship with Assist Financial Services (since 2007). We are truly happy with the services they provide. Staff is always professional, friendly and will go out of their way to get the solution to any kind of problem. Over the years, we have been approached by different factoring companies and we always stayed with AFS, they were always flexible and able to adjust to our changing needs." - Milda

"AFS has wonderful employees - always very helpful, polite and happy to assist with any problem or question we might have. AFS is a very well organized and run business, with excellent service." - Silvia K

"No hidden charges! Very easy and simple to understand the process. Staff is friendly and always ready to help. Very patient if you do not understand something and willing to explain. I have known of AFS since 2009 and I am always recommending them to small carriers." - Goya

"Great service! The most we like about AFS is that always someone answers the phone which is a big plus for us. Great rates and fast service. Customer service is excellent." - Sam

"We have been with AFS since we opened our company and we are here to stay. We are very satisfied with AFS. From the low fees to the great staff. They are always on time and are very helpful." - Nermin

"Some can always do something cheaper, but at a price... Usually service. AFS is all about service, but with great rates. They treat you like a valuable customer. We are small, but you'd think we were a giant company. Thanks AFS." - Scott

"AFS has been a tremendous help on processing our paperwork and the staff is very helpful with any questions or problems that we may have." - Brian



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AFS is a proud member of the South Dakota Trucking Association and The International Factoring Association

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